Welcome! Here you can see the easiests bootcamps, so you can track them if you
are in a stalker group. The maps are listed by mapmaker's alphabetical order.

quinta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2013


Well, I've been really busy, so I had no time to play TFM and to update the blog. I'll add some easy BC's soon, so keep checking here because I'll post when it's done.

Thanks for visiting the blog, and see you!

quinta-feira, 16 de agosto de 2012

Add or remove an easy map

If you think a map is easy and it's not listed here, you can contact me by whisper (/c Ferinsy) or by mail when I'm offline (diego_paraiso@hotmail.com). Send me the just the number of the map or the number + the user of the mapmaker. If some people send me the same map, it will be placed here.

Otherwise, if you think a map listed here isn't easy and is here by mistake, contact me by the above contact ways with the number of the map or with the number + the user of the mapmaker. The map will be removed with some "votes".

P.S. The maps listed here were chosen by a small group of people, the list wasn't made only with my opinion.

Easy P13 - Mapmakers alphabetical order

Affliction @167333

Arzul @170007

Deamaus @176615

Hazdawwwwwg @174065

Scottish @156510

Tuiii @215933

Turnerj @159145

Uteruskick @177652

Xackal @212322

quarta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2012

Easy P3 - Mapmakers alphabetical order

Cheezecream @408577

Commie @158053

Dannyrocks @159131

Darthrat @257715

Ediz @447805

Elmero @422981

Elmero @435812

Etanor @176729

Frostlegend @258160

Gastlyguy @159298

Goorman @410040

Grater @176619

Haathor @220352

Hakaii @151655

Hopeasaur @168204

Impereur @208653

Jtojto @272689

Jtojto @277427

Karpor @412913

Kenthok @172520

Kiolae @169110

Kitx @169228

Magcon @401630

Middy @159932

Miel @172976

Mikas @152260

Needy @155611

Nerdin @163172

Ninguem @279337

Orangemendes @270143

Oreocp @191205

Pinkchick @330590

Ponz @169059

Redditguy @157203

Sconinja @232678

Scottish @155628

Shoji @172547

Sousouris @176710

Steiger @166361

Stuckerrs @155765

Taiwanwwwwww @184817

Tinysocks @159187

Turnerj @155606

Turnerj @171480

Woesh @166805

Wrpbeater @172621

Yoyoyorlozer @424604